Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Glee Project + Celtic Thunder

Ok so the first time I heard about this (and well Glee in general) I thought it was just going to be really stupid, but surprisingly both are extremely entertaining! I love Damian McGinty (and of course I feel some love for Cameron Mitchell who is sadly gone)!!! I had heard about Celtic Thunder when I was younger and liked it a lot, but my life was taken over by the world of Harry Potter at that time (Don't get me wrong it still is the one of the biggest part of my life) and also I didn't listen to a lot of music back then! Celtic Thunder is now a great obsession of mine! I don't go a day without listening to Puppy Love and Just Like Jesse James! Oh and they all have super cute accents! How I wish to travel to Ireland...

Some More McGinty For You

His voice is so funny! Oh how I love the Irish! He is so cute when he starts talking in third person! TheCuteness!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get Her To The Greek

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

the last ever Harry Potter movie has come to a close.

there’ll be no more Harry Potter movies ever again.

it’ll all might be end, but it’ll never be over. because Harry Potter will always be part of me.

this is my childhood.

Harry Potter is everything.

so let's remember the Boy Who Lived, with the famous scar on his head.

He ended up being The Chosen One, along with The King and The Brightest Witch of Her Age.

The finale of this magical movie series has past.


Harry Potter forever.

Now the Post Potter Depression is happening with no end in sight.

Harry Potter Is My Life

Everything Harry Potter

A Chill Day At School

Finals Day 2

The Creek <3

Only Upside

The only upside of getting my wisdom teeth removed is getting to have a bunch of milkshakes. Well and my parents do pretty much everything for me :)

Everything Harry Potter


What sound does a zebra make??